[a compendium of angels]

angel of blades beating air synthetic sound chemical rain blood sunset pearls steel demon birds vapor rising jungle’s fire trees erase the name of here. blades twirl inverted faces. orange sky fallen cities of broken stone. awakened into nothing, comforted by shards, memory can be filled with so much detonation.

angel of descent’s interlocked confessions. angel of black smoke air raid sirens. heaven is infected wound attack formation sun rising missile dance skimming the skin of ocean.

angel of morphine’s shrapnel embedded in flesh. jet fighters needle sea spume’s virgin gowns. the opposite of home, this gun-happy necessity. in labor camps, women strap explosives to their bodies and unfurl wings in ululation. the river parts its waters.

angel of rock and roll first world impotence, ordered to leave no evidence. despite this, the dead still hang from trees. parched, earth drinks. 

 ~ Barbara Jane Reyes