angel of autumn patrol ambush upriver clarity clean genocide. she climbs coffins so that she will not sleep, hides bullets in baskets of rice. she barters fuel drums for me love you long time. she blows bridges disney electric light show in the asshole of the world. liberators rebuild and she blows them up again.

angel of racial epithet, your enemy is a dismembered fuck you in the wind. snipers collect tusks of wild boar, go native. angel of corrugated metal shacks, steel vessels spectral bodies swallowed, lulled by jungle.

angel of machetes, stone dragon sentinels, even corpses must be guarded, for skulls and souls find a way back to their gods. how lovesong is contracted from “if it were not so,” holds relevance, especially here, where buzzing malaria bamboo prisons is no mythology.

angel of proper burials, let earth and river reclaim their fractured children. adorned in violet ribbons, we mimic predatory birds’ movements beating brass gongs. angel of heathen incantation, a procession of painted headhunters crosses international borders. adolescents wield scythes and semiautomatic rifles. a child’s third eye opens with a diamond bullet. headdressed elders invoke river spirits. bend the imagination, and the landscape is dotted charred crucifixion.

the opposite of eden: angel of guerrilla resistance, let typhoon deities conceal your tattered soldiers. let ceremonies of rain and fire measure the weight of the final kill.

~ Barbara Jane Reyes